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Free Mexican Tile delivery to the US. Buy 24/7 wall, backsplash talavera tile at the discount price. Shipping worldwide Dolores Hidalgo production direct discounted tiles.

Are you looking for a true mexican tile look? Our high relief tile delivers it. We created this category to define a top of the line mexican tile with tri dimensional patterns.

Find additional strength in handcrafted tiles within our exclusive #myMexicanTiles brand. Mexican Ceramic Tile with a stronger body, better stain resistance and lower porosity.

Traditional production technique and designs of Mexican Tile trims reach 17th century. Add colorful Mexican talavera tile to your kitchen backsplash, wall or stair risers.

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Exquisite Ceramic Tiles creating unprecedented atmosphere and style. Mexican ceramic tile classic collection of cobalt over white background European motifs.

Beautify your ceramic Tile Mosaic project with multicolor Handcrafted Talavera Mexican Ceramic Tile. Select a ceramic tile in decorative tile patterns Spanish Moorish style.

6x6 mexican talavera tile is used for stair risers. Use both regular pattern and border tiles. Each stair riser can be decorated with different pattern or use same tiles for all stairs.

Each mexican tile mural is unique and handcrafted. The hand made nature gives it a warm and rustic look. Tile murals are used for kitchen backsplash, counter and walls.

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Unlike regular mexican tiles our talavera tiles are entirely hand painted. No other technique but a painter hand is used in the talavera tile production. Buy ready or custom tiles.

No truly mexican space can be left without mexican floor tiles made of red clay pavers. Order standard color natural clay tiles. Floor tiles in Mexico are made in standard and custom sizes..

Painted mexican toilet sets are available with matching wc seats and bathroom accessories. A talavera toilet can be decorated with any mexican tile pattern or rustic washed color.

Our handcrafted bathroom mexican talavera tile sinks and ceramic accessories are painted with traditional patterns. Buy custom sets decorated with the mexican tile designs.

Mexican Tile Patterns

Just a few contrasting well defined colors are available in a pattern of artisan made mexican ceramic tile. Those are red, navy, blue, cobalt, orange, antique creamy white and yellow. Painting talavera tiles over light background creates a washed looking rustic talavera tile. What are the most common applications for reach colorful mosaic mexican tiles? If you want to buy them to decorate you kitchen backsplash, stairs, counters and bathroom walls the mexican tile is a perfect choice. While browsing our estore you can buy talavera tile in many different sizes, shapes and patterns. Find out step by step proper way to install a mexican tile. We carry both regular red clay as well as high relief tiles made of frost proof material.

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Mexican Talavera Tiles

Mexican Tile is an artistic handmade ceramic tiles company supplying world’s largest selection of handmade ceramic tiles for wall, counter, backsplash, stair riser and kitchen tile murals. Whether you are looking for hand crafted mosaic tile, mural, mirror or trims, Mexican Talavera Tile store has unlimited quantities. Learn the history of mexican talavera tiles since Spanish conquest. We are the only company supplying talavera tiles directly from the production facility in Mexico. All Mexican Tile ceramics are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. See terms for details and save. Tiles from Mexico require very limitted maintanace..


Mexican Tile Specifications

Where I can buy Mexican Tiles under myMexicanTiles brand? The tiles are made in Dolores Hidalgo, we are located 20 miles away. Unless you are physically in Mexico buy tiles online.

I want to install Mexican Tiles on my kitchen countertop and backsplash. Can I do that? Our Talavera Tiles were painted with lead free paints. You can decorate your kitchen backsplash and counter with them.

Is the pattern nor tile surface are going to were off? Tiles from Mexico are made of ceramic clay, it is a soft material protected with glaze. The painting process is similar to porcelain, the pattern is not going to go away unless the tile is severely damaged.

I love the mexican tile mural on your site but I have limited space in my kitchen. Can you paint it in custom size? Yes, we do offer made to order talavera kitchen tile murals. Any talavera tile mural scenery can be modified for your wall or backsplash size.

If you have any comments about mexican tiles and talavera tile murals please post on our mexican tile blog.

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Mexican Tile 'coahuila'
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